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Thermotech floor systems offer a wide choice and we are proud to offer Maxit products. the industry leader for floor construction screed.

Our floor systems allow you to achieve the flattest, smoothest and thinnest floors possible, that will perform to exacting standards, often in highly testing environments. And they will minimise installation and drying time enabling you to cut time and costs on site. With 30 years experience and more than 100 million square metres applied worldwide, maxit leads the world in the production of pumpable self-levelling floor screeds and Thermotech uses maxit screeds where appropriate.

Floor preparation with liquid screed Maxit Floor Construction screed silo commercial flooring heavy duty industrial flooring

Cost Effective Solutions For Commercial And Retail Environments
In fast moving commercial and retail environments, time is money. Floors need to be laid quickly and, more importantly, they need to be walkable for following trades in the shortest time possible. They need to be quick drying so that soft coverings can be applied without delay and must be smooth and level.

Fast Track Solutions For Light Industry
In the industrial environment, speed, strength and durability compete for the keys to a successful floor. For light industrial needs, the ABS range provides both self-coloured top screeds, which act as a finished floor or can be sealed, and a rapid-drying base screed which can receive resin finishes within 24 hours.

Versatile Solutions For Renovation
Maxit pioneered the development of pumpable fibre-reinforced floor screeds that enable application on to a variety of substrates including existing damaged sand and cement screeds, concrete, wooden floorboards, old vinyls, terrazzo and ceramics. Because they can be applied as thin as 10mm, they will not significantly reduce floor-to-ceiling height and can be used where conventional screeds would be too heavy.

Sound Solutions For Acoustic Insulation
By combining selected slim ABS floor screeds with sound insulation materials, maxit has created a complete dB flooring system suited to change-of-use renovation projects. maxit dB flooring systems enable you to meet the new requirements of the amended Part E of the Building Regulations without significantly affecting floor-to-ceiling height.

Hand-Applied Solutions For Smoothing And Levelling
For those smaller areas or when you have the need for filling large deformities, building slopes or for building very thick layers, the ABS range also includes a number of fast setting hand-applied smoothing and levelling compounds. Versatile and easy-to-apply, the range includes products suitable for application to new and old concrete, woods, floorboards and old vinyls.

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